And then you move on…there may be folks left behind!

Flying Leap Risk

Three years ago this coming October, I agreed to take on the leadership role for a women’s networking group I had been a member of for about 10 years.  Not only was I asked to take it on in a leadership position, but I was asked to take it on as a part of my business, Empower Excellence.  

Well, now, it has changed just about everything that could be identified with it as it was.  

And what we have now is a vibrant group of women.  In fact, we have 109 energetic women in 3 different geographic locations across Northern Ohio.  This is not what I had in mind in October of 2013.

Change happens.  You either change with it, or you get left behind.  And there are some who are falling back away from the group.  

That is a change of 76 more women in the time that I have been implementing incremental changes.  It is also without any advertising or membership campaigns.  It is due to the energy of the women in the groups.  It is a collective energy that has demanded a guest guideline and an attendance guideline.  Those who are falling behind are lacking in the energy it takes to be truly professional networkers interested in growing their professional pursuits.  They are the ones who never invite another promising professional woman.  They are the ones who do not attend regularly.  They are the ones who never refer to anyone in the group and, in turn, they do not receive referrals.  It is that simple:  “Givers Get!”  No one will refer you as a professional business person until they “know” you, “like” you, and “trust” you!  It is truly relationship building.  Those who attend know the value of that and they also know what “ROI” stands for.  Return on Investment is key to the success of any business.  The dollars you invest in a networking group bring no return if you do not show up.  Those who have no “ROI” all fall behind the group; it makes sense to me.  If someone has belonged to the group for an extended period of time and has received no or very few referrals, there is a reason; and it is not the group.  No one knows you much less is at the point that they trust you.  They cannot trust until they know!  Enough…

Change happened in the last two plus years.  And the folks falling behind are very obvious.

I am glad for the growth that we have had, and I have worked very hard to further the business of each member. I cannot do what the business owner can not or will not do for their own business.  Enough…

The energy in the group manifests with attending, talking, sharing, giving, meeting for coffee, participating in extra marketing opportunities.  It also manifests itself in business earned!  

So it is possible that the numbers will have a slight decrease now through attrition, and that is a sign of good healthy growth, both collectively and individually…

And the best is yet to come!  There is no more hand holding for those who cannot move with the change.  It is time for the growth that will propel each remaining member to new heights and new levels of knowing, liking, and trusting.  If you are a current member of Professional Women’s Connection in Northeast Ohio, you are a part of a leaner, meaner, more professional networking group in Westlake, Willoughby, or Elyria.  Buckle up, we are reaching for the moon, and we will hit the stars, at least!  HOPE YOU ARE ON BOARD!


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