My Opinion is My Opinion…

Butterfly   By Example

And my opinion is not worth a whole lot…My example is kindness and graciousness.  Lessons are learned through experiences…some good, some bad, some neutral.  My path to Oberlin is a straight one with crooked turns…and yesterday was a crooked turn.  The promise of an easy fix usually turns out to be a really crooked fix.  No, I do not have an apartment for February, but what I do have is the freedom from parents who control an adult child’s decisions.  And what I admire is an example of total straightforwardness upfront, not on the back end.  I am proceeding keeping my faith and integrity in tact without legal encumbrances.  This is my way, the way of a Scorpio…keep it upfront, keep it simple, keep it kind.  With a hidden agenda in mind…eliminating all possibilities except the one that was easiest, the other party made the decision that she should have made before involving me.  That was her example.  My example is a kind acceptance of her decision and moving forward.  That is a Scorpio way to be an example.  But…


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