To Whom Do You Make Sense?

Butterflies   No Sense

If I were to answer the question “To Whom Do You Make Sense?”, I probably would answer I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”  Sometimes I make no sense to myself.  It just does not happen.  I try to be logical, and I usually get into trouble.  Much of the world does not make sense to me, and, even when it does, I do not always like it.  I work with people and their money relationships, and many times no one makes sense to me.  It is an occupational hazard.  Money is personal, and everyone has a different personality and a different relationship with money.  Who knows?

So, do not try to make sense, just make decisions within your own realm:  your mind, your heart, your soul, and your intuition.  Unless you are suffering from a mental disorder, you probably will make the right decision.  Let the world be damned, it does not have to make sense to anyone but you.  If you are under the cloud of a mental disorder, you may make better decisions than anyone else–for you.  It is all personal!

And you are under no obligation to make sense to anyone!


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