Butterfly Smile

Life is so interesting.  This blog started out to be all about money.  It has meandered down many roads to reach today, and it is still all about money because money is really all about energy–positive or negative.  But we do not talk a lot about money, and that is the key!  The less you think, worry, discuss, and contemplate money and its problems–which are really problems in other areas of your life–the fewer concerns you have about money.

Many years ago, right after a very unexpected divorce, I found myself raising two young boys.  We lived in a unique neighborhood where, once they were reading after their evening baths, I went for my daily walk.  I could see my home, and my children looking out their windows watching me, but I was really watching them.  My mantra during those moments of solitude was “Thank you, God, for I know I could not do what I am doing alone!”

That divorce is history, the boys are adults, and I am on career #4 or #5 or more.  and I am starting off on a new venture, which I have wanted to do for many years.  I am moving to Oberlin, Ohio, alone.  But I am not alone.  God and my butterflies are with me–life is always a transformation!

But the most rewarding words came from my youngest son yesterday.  As we talked about my quest for Oberlin, and how some people literally refer to their lives as “Groundhog’s Day”, he told me something very gratifying.  He told me “I live my life in a different way every day because I never want to keep doing the same thing.”  He is married, the father of two little boys under the age of two, and he is very involved in his life, but he is always open to the “new”.

That made me smile for many reasons, but I smile a lot because I know I am never alone.  In my Oberlin quest, I have found someone who is moving to Oberlin, and we are contemplating splitting a lease.  Her name is Janet.  This morning, I spoke with someone who graciously answered all of my questions through the Oberlin Business Partnership; her name is Janet.  God is providing the folks to make sure that I am not alone on my move to Oberlin.  By the way, my name is Janice.  My travel companions on this road are making sure I am not alone, and I do not even to try very hard to remember their names!  Call it divine providence or the Universe, they are all the same!

And, yes, all of these decisions have involved money in many different ways; but it is not the money.  My energy is positive; and I work with others making decisions about divorce, about relocation, about career changes because money is always a determining factor, but it is so much more than money that affects our money relationships.  Putting the money in the proper perspective makes the decision so much clearer and easier.  You can smile about money at any time, once you put it into perspective!




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