The Soul Will Float, If You Let It!


Believing in something is an important part of life.  Whether you believe in a god or the Universe, believe in yourself as well.  You have been and always will be an extension of your god.  You will be immortal, even if not in this your current physical life.  Believing in you, in who you are, is what gives you the drive to become who you meant for you to be.

Too many times, we let other people or our circumstances at any given moment cause us to falter in the belief in who we are.  Being a mother has many moments like this.  Life as a mother so many times looks to our children and their current state for us to determine how we are doing.  And then one day, you simply decide that, while we will always be mothers and they will always be our children, we have to believe we did our best, and they will turn out for the best…the best they can be for they believe in themselves, that is all we can hope for.  This is the best Mother’s Day!  This is the best day yet.


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