I Am Who I AM…finally!

Quote Anne Lamott

Realizing who we are meant to be is a lifelong journey…there are many checkpoints along the way, but part of our life journey is to reach the point where we can live life as we are meant to be.  Really…

Yesterday, was my mini vacation, and I realize that my host for the day at my destination might have felt pressured to make my day a success, but that is not who she is, and that is why the day was perfection.  My hostess, who we shall label only with initials was MJB, and I am so thankful for her being a part of “my day”.

This is a day we had talked about for a long, long time.  It was a time to see her paradise on Earth, and it truly was.  Totally sunshiny day, totally in nature, and far from the maddening crowds.  Add to that a kindred Spirit, and time.  Time we both took from our days to do this.  Thank you!

Everything happens in Divine Order.  I am a fairly disciplined Spirit myself, but this Winter has taken its toll.  Clothes fit a little tighter because I stopped walking because I no longer like the colder weather.  Excuses kept coming…launching two new networking groups, the birth of a second grandchild, moving to a formalized merchant services plan, and launching the licensing of several of my programs.

Before I left yesterday morning, a look at my refrigerator commanded that I make it back to Northern Ohio to stop for food…I have worked diligently to make sure there is no wheat, no dairy, no snacks n my house.  I needed to get good, healthy food.

Part of our day together with MJB was energy work, and OMG did I need it.  I had stopped doing my routine of reiki, Jhin Shin Jitsu and more on a daily basis.  And life was beginning to reflect that.

I made it to the grocery without any dairy, wheat, or snacks in my bags.  I came home and prepped all of the food for the week, and I do mean all of it.  It is like living in a deli where I go at mealtimes and pick the food and just heat in the oven if necessary, but that is only a small amount because I am back to raw vegetables and fruit for meals and snacks along with small amounts of high quality protein.

I caught up on all of the laundry…yes, and I ran the dishwasher from all the prepping.

But I made the time after my shower to begin the energy work again…back to being me within 12 hours.  Why it took this to get me jumpstarted, I do know.  It was like I had clogged fuel filters.  My energy was stuck.  Some folks think this is “hogwash”; but it truly is not.  I am an energetic being, always have been, and always will be, if I take care of me.

It has been a long Winter, but now it is Spring.  It is the time when the Earth comes back to life after hibernation.  It is the time for me to continue being who I am after a little hibernation.  summer and Fall are on their way, and so am I!




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