Respect for Yourself Includes Listening to Yourself…

Butterfly Listening

Addictions come in many sizes and shapes…but self-respect is an addiction that we all can live with, and live better with it when it is in our focus.  Yes, you do need to focus on self-respect.  As entrepreneurs, we always need to remember that self-respect is what brought us to this part of our lives; and we need to remember that when we are working with clients, customers, and other entrepreneurs.  This is not an easy life we have chosen for ourselves, but the alternative, the corporate J-O-B is not easy either.  Self-respect includes listening to yourself in all formats:  brain, heart, and soul.  And, when you are really in tune with yourself, it does become an addiction, an addiction so powerful that you do not consciously have to think through any decisions to any length as your brain, your heart, and your soul are singing, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in discord, telling you what is the right thing for you to do.  It is always nicer and easier when they are in harmony!  But we often listen to others more than ourselves…and sooner or later we come back to us, to the right decisions for us, no matter how many people may disagree, and those right decisions for us continue to build our strong personal foundation.  Sara Bareilles is a favorite artist of mine, and a recent song, “She Used to be Mine”, touches on very personal topics including self esteem.  I am not including it here because I want to bring  joy to your life.  “She Used to be Mine” makes me tearful…but then sometimes we need to listen to ourselves closely when the tears begin to fall…Find joy in your day, find joy in your life, and mostly find JOY in you!



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