How Do You Pick a Battle That Includes Your Friends?

Choose Your Battles

I really do try to follow this advice especially when it comes to friends.  But, when it involves friends and my business and my friends, it really rattles my cage!  Professional Women’s Connection is a regional networking organization that I love, and it is part of my company.  Each of the three groups meets monthly at a local food establishment.  I like to see that all members, who are friends and I know all of them by name and by sight, enjoy the food at the monthly networking program.  There is a registration process with a deadline; and that is so we have enough food for all who are attending.  But the battle I have chosen not to fight was cutting off registration at the deadline date.  I want everyone who wants to attend to be able to attend,  but now we are having a potential battle.  There are habitual late registrants.  I do not want to leave them out of the group, but all of these women are intelligent women who are part of a business or run their own business, and yet somehow it is an impossible task for them to register on time–i.e. when the food order has to be completed.  Tough love would have it that either they do not eat or they do not attend or someone who has registered comes later and the food has run out!  I am not fighting this battle any more because I know there will be really important ones to battle down the road.  If you are a treasured member, and you read my blog, you are hearing this first.  Beginning tomorrow, if you are not registered by the deadline, your registration will be declined for that event and applied for a future event.  There are well over 100 members, think of it as a party with too many people not rsvping, somebody is bound to go hungry!  Not on my watch!  This is a battle I choose to no longer fight. 


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