What Does Joy Have To Do With It?

New THings

What does Joy have to do with anything?  Joy has everything to do with everything!  It is kind of like money.  Money is a barter form that somehow has made itself important in all parts of our life.  Whether it is mental health, physical health, emotional health, nutrition, housing, clothing, education, entertainment, or anything else out there in the world today, money plays a role.  there is no need to go into an explanation of its role in all parts of our life…it has a role.

Joy is kind of like that, and many times, joy can be related to money matters; and then, just like money, joy may have nothing to do with money. And money may have nothing to do with joy.

But the principles behind both joy and money are very similar.  Much of it has to do with energy.  Good energy brings about more chances of joy and more chances of a successful relationship with money.  A successful relationship with money can be more conducive to being joyful in many areas of life; and most importantly, it can lead to a joyful relationship with money.  On the other hand, negative energy can be detrimental to joy as well as to the relationship with money.  Enough about negativity!

Three years into my business, I have worked with every possible situation that creates a poor money relationship–that is why people come to me.  Money is playing a role in their life that they are not happy with.  End of story.

So why now am I focusing on JOY?  Because that is what every person who works with me is seeking…JOY in a part of their life that is not working for them, and they are certain there is a money connection in the mix.  And 99% of the time, they are exactly right.

But it is always harder to work on myself…and with success happening in my business Empower Excellence, and with growth being planned and worked on, why was I not ecstatic with JOY about this personal and professional venture at this time in its history?  It was just more work.  And then, I realized that it was the positive energy of JOY that was elusive to me.

So, knowing me, I set about to create a new challenge, a dream to be fulfilled.  I have had the vision of working in my office on being creative with clients to bring JOY to them.  I just never called it JOY.  The time has come.  I bring JOY to your money relationship when you just are not happy with your money in your life.  And I am pursuing the challenge of finding the perfect place to calmly pursue my  personal and professional life, at least in the non-Winter months.  That dream has always been Oberlin, Ohio ever since I discovered it in the late 90’s.  Why?  Because it brings peaceful joy to my soul.  It is a town of liberal proportions, educational challenges, artistic environments, environmental optimists, and more.  Nature is close at hand, walking everywhere is acceptable, food is healthy and grown locally, and so much more.  This is JOY for me.  It is a place where intellectual pursuits are respected.  Materialism is very low key.  Minimalism is understood.  It is a place where faith and spirituality are understood and held in esteem.  People smile, open doors, say “thank you”, care about who you might be.

This is joy for me.  At a time when I am seeking to bring joy to others’ money relationships, I need JOY.  I need new challenges–that is what brings me JOY.  Meeting new people brings me JOY, but they need to be people who are taking the time to live their life rather than using time to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish, and fall into bed exhausted each night.  Oberlin is a town that understands life is for living, living a quality of life for all who reside there.  It is a town where social justice is not just a buzz phrase.

So, my personal focus is relocating to Oberlin, and the Universe is working with me to accomplish that.  In the end, it is my company and clients that will benefit most as I joyfully bring JOY to others and help them learn how to find true JOY with their money, no matter how little or how much money they have!




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