May 1: May the Butterflies Bloom in Your Life!

Butterflies in Blue

It is no secret that the butterfly is  symbol of transformation.  Believe it or not, but find the time today to ponder the power of transformation and the power of the butterfly!  The butterfly transforms nature after it experiences one of the greatest transformations nature displays.  From a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a beautiful work of art.  The butterfly has as many differences as anyone you may see in human form.  And their whole existence is a transformation.  They may go through a self confidence journey as the caterpillar; but then they really go through a “who am I” journey as the chrysalis to become a wonderful work of art.  But they were always totally together from the moment of their birth.  Yes, they had to go through a lot to realize that they had wings and could fly.

And you, too, have been transforming since birth.

Much gets in your way of realizing your beauty along the way, but trust me, you have wings, and like the butterfly you may not see them.  Come with me on a journey that starts today.  Learn to believe you have power and excellence and beauty and JOY.

I am only with you for a part of your total transformation:  I am here to help you find JOY in your MONEY, which may help you find more JOY in your LIFE…

This is not a materialistic journey.  It is a journey to show you that money is only a tool to help you find JOY.  It has nothing to do with the Power of Attraction; but you have everything to do with the Power of Attraction.  If you find your JOY, you attract more JOY!  It has nothing to do with gaining POWER; but it has everything to do with finding your POWER with MONEY.  This is not a woo-woo journey; but it helps to understand what woo-woo is all about!  This is not an MBA to Finance; but it includes an education of basic finance in your life.

This is about JOY!  This is about YOU!  Ready…just pay attention today to the beauty n your life, and, maybe, just maybe, a butterfly will cross your path…JOY!

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