Synergy, Joy & Miracles!

Joy to the World

I am beginning to scare myself!  There is a lot of information coming to me.  Mercury is retrograde!  And yet, I had the audacity to test the Universe and introduce a new payment system to my largest women’s networking group yesterday.  Wow.  Yes, there has been some questions and, realistically, just a little negative feedback.  Synergy is a good thing.  Mercury Retrograde be damned.  There is progress to be made!  

It is similar to the day that I waved goodbye to the local newspaper’s astrology forecast.  Who is running my life anyway.  Yes, it is me and the Universe and the Divine God within.

I am becoming braver every day.  Today, I am having my rear brakes repaired.  And they are not even in the danger zone yet.  I have the faith that the Universe presented me with my dealer’s savings on this item at the time that I have the cash.  Miracles!  Synergy!  It is still scary to give someone else a huge amount of money before there is an emergency.  Progress!

It is a joyful day in other ways.  My car lease and then loan are totally paid off!  I get my title today!  Yes!

But then the synergy of the Universe is showing its power and might in an even stranger way.  Earlier this week, I placed a classified ad on the Oberlin campus website.  I thought it might be silly doing this–trying to find a rental apartment for 2017 in April of 2016.  But alas I received an email from a women named “Janet”, a variation of my name, a single woman who will be teaching at Oberlin in the Fall and is looking to share a lease–Fall for her, the rest of the year for me.  We are meeting May 12th, just two weeks away to look at apartments.  It is totally unreal.  She, too, is a nonsmoker and has no pets.  A pristine person to open the doors of my next new home.  I know it will work the way it is supposed to.

And by the way, Happy Birthday Virginia Mae.  You were the energy–negative in many ways–that has made me who I am today.  I became the optimistic lover of the Universe, but you deserve a thank you for creating the person I am today–a believer in Synergy, JOY, and miracles!


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