Money Strength…Suppleness Counts!


Be strong in your life.  Promise yourself that you will be willing to face all of the situations in your life that will make you stronger than you have ever been.  How do you know what will make you stronger than you have ever been?  If you have to stop and think about doing anything, you can be pretty sure that doing it, if it is a good decision to do it, will add to your strength!

Smile and be supple!

What does being supple have to do with it?  It is all about being flexible, a definition of “supple”.  “flexible” is an overused word so I am choosing to use “supple”.  Be supple in all parts of your life.  It works.  When you automatically say “no” to something, you are reacting out of fear quite possibly.  There is no room for flexibility.  But stop for a moment and smile.  That pause and positive reaction takes a moment for you to think.  When you smile, you are displaying that you are supple.

Smile and be supple!

And gain strength in whatever your decision  might be at the moment.  And strength is within you, it is your power, but you have to call upon that power.  Take the moment to find the power, smile, make the decision, and just feel the strength!

Smile and be supple!

Especially with money in your life.  Money is in all parts of your life, and, like it or not, you have to make decisions about money almost every day.  Begin to gather strength with your money, and you will find that there is less fear, more smiling, and definite strength.

Smile and be supple, the message to me…

May 1 will be the beginning of decisions regarding money in my own life, in my own company Empower Excellence.  I am smiling, and I am being supple (I do love that word!).  I am calling upon the strength and power that has developed over the three years I have had my company.  I cannot do everything I have a passion for; but I can do everything that is part of my mission:  I create the mission going forward.  There is strength in that process.  There is power in that decision.  It is time to share the power.


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