Things Always Get Better…It is a Matter of Perspective.

Resignation as an Adult

First of all, this photo is not mine.  It is precious, but it is not mine.  There was no credit for the photo which I found on Facebook, but it was too precious in capturing me at this moment in time.  Resignations usually come when things are not going as planned, OR, resignations come because we are ready to take the flying leap…this young lady is poised for flight with her cape, and, while we cannot see it in total, she has her magic wand or an umbrella, depending on your perspective.  In her jeans and bare feet, she reminds me of my favorite “suit” when working at home.  

But things always do get better!

Yes, I am officially resigning from adulthood.  No, I am not making big changes at least in my mind.  But I am making changes, and it is not because things are not going well; they are going very well.  Add to the list of actions above “taking a nap” and you are capturing me.  My naps are early in the morning.  I wake up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep, but not really awake.  I do an early social media scan and post my A.M. Facebook posts on my business and personal page, and then a short meditation that many times puts me back to sleep…just a nap for an hour or so, and then I am ready to face the day.  It is a childhood action that pays big rewards through my long days of work.

But things always do get better!

And, that is what childhood is all about.  We sleep, we play, we eat, we are!  We look forward to the next minute, the next hour, the next day, and the next fun thing in our life. We are not burdened with the “things” of adulthood, and then we are.  We become adults, and we become too serious too soon.  And some of us became adults when we should have still been children.

But things always do get better!

Sometimes that takes years, that takes having our own children, and sometimes it takes until we are grandparents, not facing retirement but facing new careers and loving it.  It is now our turn to return to the childhood which was stolen, for one reason or another, from us.  I now play more because of a wonderfully active grandson.  I eat better because I have learned to eat what is healthy.  I do not drink because it is not healthy for me.  I play on the beach finding beach glass.  I sleep wonderfully, “like a baby”.  I know what I want my life to be, and like a stubborn two-year old, I hold my ground until I get it.

But things always do get better!

And they are.  Last evening, I put a post on the Oberlin Campus classifieds to find the adult appropriate home to rent in Oberlin in 2017.  That was a concrete move for me to cement my decision to live where for years I wanted to live because it is a true liberal community.  I have returned to First Church in Oberlin–where I attended when living in a nearby community–and found folks I liked then that are still members.  It was a good solid feeling.  It is a foodie community.  It is a walking community.  There is an art museum, a music conservatory, and just lots of learning opportunities.  I can go out and sit on Tappan Square by myself or with a group.  I can go to Treehuggers or Aladdins for healthy food.  I can go to the Feve or Black River Cafe or Weia Taia.  As a child, I can do whatever with whomever I want to share experiences with.

But things always do get better!

And for me, that is working on my business from my home in peace and solitude without the helter skelter of the crazy entrepreneurial world in Northeast Ohio.  As a child, I want to be sent to my room to be alone with me…that is the big difference.  As an adult, I can choose to be whomever I want to be in a community that accepts such choices.  I can be the child who uses the “eenie meenie” method to make decisions.  I can stick my tongue out and laugh at the world.  I can eat like a healthy child and sleep on the porch if that suits me.

Here is my resignation from adulthood.  No one will notice, but I will, and that is being selfish, and that, my friends, is the point of childhood:  learn your power, show your power, and live your power.  It is a quiet power, but a power so basic that adults sometimes relinquish it to be an adult that others believe “plays nice”.


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