Money in Your Head, Money in Your Heart?

Energy Flows

decisions are always hard…until they are easy

Where are you trusting your energy when it comes to decisions about money?  Interestingly enough, on a nice April morning in Ohio, more than 12 people came to a program about money.  Some came because they were unhappy with their financial professionals; some came because they did not use a financial professional; some came because they are hoping to become a financial professional; some came because their spouse made them come.  But they came and spent two hours discussing financial professionals.  It is always interesting to see how a session like this goes.  There was no discussion about the emotional decisions people make in their financial lives.  But there could have been because it is a factor in those decisions.

But one of the most gratifying comments made was by one gentleman who waited for me as we were leaving, and he offered me this thought, which is a great one that I want to share here:  “The secret of being good with money is to not let it bother you.”  So true…be free of bothersome thoughts this weekend.


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