Let the Universe Take You Into Your Life’s Expression…


It is Spring as the light showers provide a soft backdrop to the activities of the day.  We have been blessed with beautiful days here in Ohio of late; it is now time to water the Earth as it becomes the time to sow seeds, thinking we know what they will produce.  Just like Nature we plant seeds to grow into something bigger, both literally and figuratively.  But the seeds we plant figuratively have been within us since before birth.  Now, at whatever point you are in your life, if you have found your purpose in life–hidden within your soul until you awaken it, you breathe life into the seeds of your purpose.  You think you know what the planned result will be, but there are always surprises.  All you have to do is to decide whether or not you are ready to allow something more than what you currently may know to develop.  You, as a part of the Infinite Power of the Universe, will find that your purpose in life will play out in any of many ways that will bring you to be a benefit to others….

And, in that process, all will play out the way it should.  Be prepared for transitions of all sorts–mental, emotional, physical, and financial.  The Universe loves to surprise!


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