Meditating, What is it Really?

God Source

Meditation.  A simple concept made complicated by so much in the popular media.  It really is so simple.  It is a takeoff on what I spoke of yesterday…listening.  But this time the listening is listening to yourself…  Really, that is the simplest way to meditate.  I am not talking about rehashing your to do list, rethinking decisions you made; I am talking about listening to your inner, deep down self.  In reality, and this is a stretch for some people, God or your Higher Power is within you in a very significant way.  But that discussion is for another time…

The essence of what I am saying…Stop, Breathe, and Listen to what your heart and your soul stir up—not your brain.  What will come to you?  Peace, quiet (an uncommon commodity today), and a chance for your soul to speak.  It is up to you to listen.

Much of what people deal with in their life has to do with worry, and much of that worry has to do with money.  Please, trust, me, Stop, Breathe, and Listen…the answers are within you.


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