Priceless Conversations

Yes, it is a beautiful Sunday with many things on the agenda including getting the deck ready for Spring and going to the beach….I have been talking to myself a lot lately, and it is true that deep conversations with the right people are priceless, even if that “right” person is me.  In fact, those personal conversations are truly priceless.  It is taking the time to find myself again.  It has been over three years of fighting to bring my company to life, and it is alive!  But I have to find me again before I can engage with really deep conversation with others.  

I am slowly working my way back to other people, and that includes my decision to move to Oberlin, Ohio within the year.  I need community, and I have given up community–true personal community–to build all pieces of my business.  Interestingly enough, I am getting ready to license pieces of the business so that I can get back to me and still make a living that is adequate and more than adequate.  

And, yes, many may take a look at what I have just said and cite the 100+ women in my networking groups who are truly part of my community…  Yes, they are all part of my community, but I am seeking the priceless connections of “friends”.  Friends who understand where I am in my path, and friends who are not competitive with me on that path.  I thirst for deep conversations with others over a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a cup of coffee, that has nothing to do with business.  It is on its way, and it is priceless…it has nothing to do with money!


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