When in Emotional Pain, Do Not Rage…

Live Your Purpose

Life is funny.  I have been transferring from one bank to another of many reasons, and i have had my share of pain with new changes and learning the ways of “this bank”.  Today, I learned that the closest branch no longer has a drive through.  That is okay with me with good weather coming to Ohio.  In the winter, I will choose another branch.  When I went into the bank and simply stated that I just learned they do not have  a drive-through.  One of the tellers offered that the Crocker branch has a drive through.  I didn’t think, I just responded:  I don’t need a drive through, I am inside now.  The whole staff thanked me for my attitude because, as they told me, people come in and bitch at them for almost 2 years now that the drive through is closed.

I guess my point in sharing is that when you let small things cause you emotional pain, you are letting “the small things” run your life.  It is really the same when it comes to money:  be bothered by the small monetary issues in your life, and sooner or later all money things become the “big things”.  Money is a non-entity; it is the energy you give to it that determines if it becomes an entity that is bothersome.  

It is so true that if you listen to the whisper in your soul, if you learn to trust your heart, and if you live your purpose, so many things, including money become non-entities to you.  They are needed but they do not become your path to “neediness.”  




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