Are You Daring Enough to be Yourself?


Sometimes I may think that I am not big enough to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.  And then, I stop and think that I would not have been given my mission if I did not have the means to accomplish it.  My Source made sure that I would have the means to accomplish my life mission.  So I know that, then why don”t I always believe it?  And I am not alone.  It is the reason that so many people have self doubt, low self esteem, and do not pursue their dreams.  But then I stop and think about this.  Sometimes I recover immediately and go back to my path.  Other times, I am anxious and full of self doubt.  Until…I go back within myself.

That is my secret.  Stop, Think, Breathe, and Go Back to Where I am supposed to be.  I have all I need from the moment of my birth to do what is mine to do.  A first, that is a hard concept to grasp.  But as time has moved on,it is easier and easier.  

I do believe that is what is called “Faith”.


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