Making a Difference in My Own Little Way…

i live in my own little world...

It is a risk to live in my own little world, but more and more that is where I am living and seeking to do that more and more every day.  I do not have to be “out there in the world” every day and in every way to make that difference.  Yes, it is risky to pull back and to live the life I really want to live.  But I have learned through my whole life to take risks.  To pull away from parents who were supposed to be nurturing but were not.  To pull away from siblings who were just as emotionally scarred as I was but who denied that there was a problem.  To leave a marriage that was marred from the beginning with infidelity.  To leave positions of employment that were good for me but not for my life.  

So now today, I am making a difference.  I have placed a stake on the ground for what is mine.  I have my energy, I have my joy, and I have my mission.  My parents are deceased, my siblings are estranged, and my former spouse pretends to be Santa Claus in the world.  An interesting situation, and I am planning a move to a liberal small town where I can breathe in the sunshine, live among locals who embrace my values, and create the rest of my mission from my own little private world.  It is different but the people in that small town are my people.  It is ok there to live in my own little world…and that is where I intend to be.  Join me?


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