Merry JOY Day! Really, it is…


This particular graphic has been jumping out at me for days, so I am proclaiming today, Sunday, April 10 as “Merry JOY” Day!  It is a living in the moment type of thing, but why not?  This is how I have been feeling the last few weeks, and it is how I am acting these last days.  After all, JOY is my mission especially in regard to money.  It is the truth that when you feel JOY, your mind reacts differently, your body reacts differently, and your spirit reacts differently.  You spread the JOY!

My soon to be released book is entitled THE JOY OF M.E.  Stay tuned for the subtitle which explains the title a little more.  But it is all about how to get back to JOY with money!

When your personal energy is JOY, JOY becomes a part of all you do.  Everything!  

For now, just be JOY!


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