What Is Guiding You to JOY?

Heart Whispers

Too many times I find myself teetering on the edge of fear, afraid of what will happen if I jump into the middle of the “lake” of life and do what my heart and intuition are yelling at me to do.

Pride, experience, reason, and heart are not always in agreement.  And that, sometimes, is when intuition kicks in.  Finding JOY is really easy if you just do what your heart and intuition calmly tell you what to do.  And finding JOY in our souls allows us to spread JOY to others.  It is so simple, really.  Just today, we in Northern Ohio awoke a beautiful snowfall…one of the largest of the Winter season, but, remember this is Spring.  Ohio always gets one of these in March or April or May, and there is no use to complain.  It was a beautiful sight.  As I walked into my local Heinen’s store for my weekly catchup groceries, I thought everyone would be singing the praises of the snow, but I was wrong.  It was a morose group busily tending to their individual assignments as employees.  Most shoppers were pleasant, but not the employees.  Please note, the employees did nothing wrong, but they sure as heck did not bring any JOY to my day.  Ironically , my receipt asked for my feedback, and I did share the lack of joy in that particular store.  And then it hit me, that has been that way for some time now, and I do not like it.  I go there for specific items that they carry or that may be on sale.  The local grocery store has lost its local flavor, and that takes away the JOY.  

A lack of JOY sucks the energy out of everyone’s day…for me, that means I cannot wait for Farmers’ Market Season and the need for fewer and fewer trips to Heinen’s for my food needs.  By the end of that Season, I will find a place that brings JOY to the ordinary things in life like food shopping.  And that will bring me JOY!



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