Joy! Joy! Joy!

Joy to the World

Three Dog Night many years ago gave us “Joy to the World”, and I love the cadence, the lyrics, and the motions that this song presents.  A wise person told me recently that I should share my joy all of the time, so I am.  It makes sense because in my soul the joy is always there; I just tend to be a little too intense when it comes to the things that are important to me.  

But the Joy is really what is important.  No matter what our situation may be, no matter how little or how much money we have, no matter how good or bad we may feel, no matter what the weather, the JOY can prevail!  And it does change our energy.  If the energy in our body emotes negativity, we will realize negativity in all parts of our life.  But, if our energy is positive, that translates to positive outcomes in all parts of our lives as well!  

While I work all of the time with money relationships, I personally have found that over the past months of starting my business I find myself rarely having negative money thoughts any more…It is pure Joy to be where I am.  Now I want to share that Joy every day in every way.  So, here is Joy to the World from me.  Enjoy!


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