Giving Up The Rest for the Dream…Joy!

Intention Without Discipline

The intention to be joyful involves living the dream…really, it does.  Intention is easy; discipline is not.  I am facing many large decisions following a very fortuitous meeting yesterday.  Those decisions require discipline.  Discipline to step away from what is comfortable and appears to be reassuring.  In reality it is sucking my energy and refocusing my discipline away from my dream.  The dream brings joy; the rest is unimportant to my dream and my joy.  So I set off today to begin making the decisions with discipline to continue pursuit of the dream and the JOY!

Just another step in the transformation…


One thought on “Giving Up The Rest for the Dream…Joy!

  1. Without discipline our intentions are merely a thought. There is the saying that “it is the thought that counts” but in reality that is far from the truth. Everyone has thoughts, goals, they consider but it is not until action is taken that those thoughts hold worth.

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