A Break From My Life Into My Real Life!

Gratitude Tulips

The month of March was a month of gratitude from the beginning to the end…  I always like it when my blog posts garner new visitors, readers, and followers.  March was such a month, and  I am grateful.  It was also a month where much time was devoted to the next steps with my young business, including moving to merchant services, changing banks, and deciding what to do with my website.  It was a time of moving forward in the networking portion of my business as well with the third group added making Professional Women’s Connection a regional group!  

But once in a while, I disappear.  That is usually when something happens in my family that I choose to leave my professional life for a day or two and step back into my personal life.  That has happened in March also; but Thursday night the end result manifested.  My second grandson was born, and my life was dedicated to my 22 month old grandson from that point until now.  It is my answer to balance, and it is a loving way to spend my time.  So thank you for your patience and returning to read my blog today.

Everything is in gratitude for me…and there is just that much more to balance moving forward.



empowerexcellencewithjan.com (Undergoing renovation!)


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