What Mind Are You Relying On When It Comes to Money?

Subconscious Conscious

Wow, what a day so far.  Early this morning, Doreen Virtue’s message for the day shed total light upon my company and gave a totally new view of what I do.  While I have searched for the right message to share, it was elusive, it was buried in my subconscious.  I do have a natural spiritual gift of energy healing, which is definitely a part of my life purpose.  I have been trained in energy modalities over the years and use them in my work with money relationships that are negatively affecting my clients.  I use positive energy with the intention of the healing of others and the world in relation to money.  

And, following that, Deepak Chopra’s Meditation for this morning was dissolving negativity and darkness through my own personal light.  This is the essence of energy work with money.  There are so many reasons that people are uncomfortable about money–good or bad.  However, when the issues are brought into the light in a loving and energetic way, the healing process with their money relationship has begun.  Thus, when the subconscious and conscious minds agree on the issues, the Supra Conscious Mind takes over, and healing begins.  Only when the subconscious is ready to bring into the light what is wrong with the personal money relationship can the conscious mind begin to share what is happening, and then the reasons for the discomfort begin to appear, which allows the process of energizing solutions.  And the weight of it all begins to lift not only in the area of money but in all areas of a person’s life.  

It was an OMG moment when it all came together in the first hour of my waking mind this morning.  Yes, I have based my work on the Energy of Money, but the Supra Mind presented me with the Over-Reaching Concept that I am a Money Energy Healer.  

And what is wonderful is that someone does not have to grasp this concept to begin working on their money energy healing.  Just bringing the discomfort into the open, the conscious mind,  from the subconscious mind allows the Supra Conscious to begin the work to begin the healing.  A great big thank you to the Universe and to God this morning for blessing me with Energy, Doreen Virtue, and Deepak Chopra!





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