If You Don’t Know the Nature of Fear…

Wanting %22it%22 more than fearing %22it%22

“If you don’t know the nature of fear, then you can never be fearless.”  Pema Chodron

Loving your fear can lead to many new emotions as fear is a messenger that you need to be kinder to yourself.  Fear can deplete your energy and strength, or it can overwhelm you in all areas of your life.  Being overwhelmed leads to frustration, backing you up against a wall almost like a bully.  But between the fear, the feeling of being overwhelmed, clarity is one of the most wonderful results that makes you stop and breathe so you can move on.  Whatever is causing the fear has to be dealt with for you to move on.  

That happens so often with money decisions.  Loving your money decisions is facing those decisions without becoming frustrated and overwhelmed.  However, getting to that point takes clarity about what the money decision is about.  Are you fearful about moving into a new apartment, a new home, a new career?  Many times that fear when reduced to its basic reason has to do with money:  will I make enough money to be able to make the move?  Really, that is a basic motivator for a move of any kind:  money.

It is when you become clear about the effects of money on that decision that you know the nature of the fear.  You face it, you deal with it, you do not let it bully you.  Facing the fear can approach fearlessness…step by step.  Do you want to be fearless?  If so, face the bully and make the decision that you want “it”, what you are seeking to move into whether it be physical or emotional, more than you are afraid of it.

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