Life is Simple, Says the Butterfly…

Single Blue Butterfly

Sadness is a feeling that is rare for me; but this morning I am sad.  Three days ago I found the perfect yard flag with my colors–blue and green–and my precious butterflies along with dragonflies.  I placed it so carefully on its stand in my tiny front yard.  I nursed it through wind and rain this week, and when I checked on it last night, it was beautifully swaying on its post.  And then, this morning, without much wind or rain overnight my butterflies were gone.  Nowhere to be seen.  I am sad.

But I do believe there is a simple lesson to be learned…butterflies are meant to be free.  A symbol of transformation, they cannot be “kept”, they must keep moving and changing.  I am sad.

But the butterfly is off to where the next step in their simple life calls them to be.  It is a lesson for me–it was taking too much preoccupation on my part to make sure that the elements were not harming my new “thing”.  The life of a butterfly, while seeming to be complicated, is really very simple…you are born, you are a caterpillar, you transform into a beautiful butterfly never knowing exactly when or where that transformation will occur.  And then your mission in your life is to pollinate, to go where you are needed.  While I am sad, I know that the butterfly flag figuratively was a butterfly taking wing, stopping only briefly in my front yard to ruminate where their next stop would be for the butterflies and the dragonflies.  Yes, I am sad, but I am on my way of transformation to where I am needed.                            


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