There is Always Something to be Grateful For…

Looking Back

Gratitude has a large role in moving forward, and it is the main reason to look back on your day, your year, your life to remember what has brought you to this moment.  It is at this time that you really can just meditate on what the important things n your life have been.  Whether it is a job or position that you love, recount the memories of the fun and passion you have experienced.  But be in the moment at the same time.  How can those enjoyable moments in your career come to play in this moment?

And yes, the passion of your life is more important than the career.  Five years ago, I saw the end moment of two years that had played out at Edward Jones.  It was a moment of celebration, of liberation, and of happiness because I knew that the coming days and weeks and months were the beginning of allowing my passion to become my career.  There would be no more J-O-B!  And now in the moment, those days are just a memory, and a reason to be grateful, very grateful.  In the moment!

And then there is sobriety.  No, there was not what most folks would agree as an addiction, but it was.  It was a PEPSI addiction.  A sugar addiction.  The Universe set the path right for an introduction to a hypnotherapist who worked her magic, and I was ready, that I have not had a cola drink for over 5 years.  I am grateful for that, and, in the moment, it is a memory now of how Pepsi made me feel energized.  Today I can be energized with an unsweetened glass of iced green tea–organic, by the way!

And, yes, in the moment, I keep reinventing myself, a newer, improved Janice Marie Litterst.  Every day opens up new doors.  And in the moment, I am open to every miracle that appears.

Looking back keeps my eyes open to the possibilities in the moment, which becomes the future moment.  But it is the gratitude that makes me realize how blessed I am in every area of my life.  So, look back to be grateful that every event in your life occurred so that you could be who you are today…in the moment.


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