No Matter What…

Decide Commit Succeed

Yes, I am talking to you, and I am talking to me!  Several years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America and begin my own company to work with people and their money decision making.  It has been an interesting trip.  Every day it is an interesting trip…

Yes, I make a commitment every day to be as committed as I can be.  In turn, I prefer and carefully choose clients that display a sense of commitment to energizing and transforming their money decision making life.  Some are more committed than others; those who are committed find a resolution to what they are seeking.  There are different paths folks want to take:

  • To gain control over how much money they could make.
  • To gain control over the hours they spend making that money.
  • To open up a new passion in their life.
  • To have an impact in their life.
  • To gain personal power.
  • To work less, get more done.
  • Rethinking their “expertise”.
  • To successfully change careers.
  • To “Sparkle”!
  • To Find their Vision.
  • To find their personal value.
  • To find their purpose.
  • To be in nature.
  • To stop living for deadlines.
  • To take a flying leap of faith.
  • To build a legacy.
  • To save the environment.
  • To turn a setback into a success.
  • To regain motivation


You may have noticed, few people really work with me to become rich.  There is a reason for that.  Money affects control, time, passion, impact, power, productivity, expertise, careers, vitality, vision, value, purpose, environment, risk, success, and motivation.

So what have you decided to change in your life?  What commitment level do you have?  

Success comes when the decision is made, the commitment is made, and the behavior is there to be successful…

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