Saturday Glee Because I Am Moving Forward…

Universal Glee

Sometimes I have to be reminded to take risks, not just talk about taking risks.  In 2015, I laid out the plan for this year including changing Empower Excellence to an LLC from a Sole Proprietorship, changing from using Paypal (do not get me started on Paypal!) to using Merchant Services with a bank support, changing banks (leaving First Merit, decision made before announcement of merger with Huntington), and much more.  But the changes mentioned were all intended for the first quarter of this year.  Ironically, they all have to do with money; and they all represent a certain level of risk:  changing from the known to the unknown.  But the decisions were made to move my company forward to meet the new challenges that lie ahead.  And they are all in process–the changes have been initiated, and it is still the first quarter.  

And, yes, the levels of the risks are enough that I woke up this morning a little scattered.  Energy does that until you notice the scattered energy and focus.  the amazing thing is that once I make decisions and put them into action, the Universe–everything in the Universe–rallies to my aid.

5:30 AM I wake up without an alarm after 7 hours of sleep…Doreen Virtue was right there on Facebook telling me that I need to “Believe in Yourself”.  Her quote “You ARE ready to fly, and nothing’s holding you back.  You are unlimited and powerful right now.”  Her whole message was that I may have been procrastinating my priorities and dreams, and it’s time to believe in myself so that I can move confidently forward.  Ok, I agree.

Then, my friend, Tamma Kieves, sent the message that “Today, I choose again.  I return to what is important to me.”  That was followed by my years long Horoscope reference which starts my day: ” Your ability to transform situations–and a s a result, the people in your life…You have a magnetism that encourages others to take a leap of faith.  Honor a fast change and willingly move forward…”

Yes, the cheerleaders lined up because I am ready to move forward, I am choosing to shine, and the Universe is in glee, and the Universe will be in glee as I move forward.  Oh, any the way, I have begun to look for the right housing in Oberlin, Ohio, for Spring, 2017.  Nothing like planning ahead…I am choosing to shine one moment at a time for the rest of my life!  Yes, there is risk in all of this, but I am ready and I am supported with energy and ready to continue my transformation!


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