Energy is Everything

I Admire Your Strength

We all admire something at any moment in time.  While much of our talk has been about “energy” lately, it is important to note that it takes strength to have energy.  It does not happen automatically…you have to work to have the energy you would admire in yourself.  And that is the key, everything I talk about in regard to energy is a very personal characteristic, value, etc.  Everyone is different while everybody is the same!  

There is a very practical side to energy as well.  In Kevin Kruse’s book “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” (Yes, this is a very practical but very personal topic), one of his chapters is titled “Energy is Everything”, and it is.  

While you cannot get more time, you can get more energy,  And we have been talking about that in recent days.  Our physical and mental and emotional energy varies.  This is where food, sleep, and self care come into play, and each of those areas take work and strength to reach YOUR optimal energy level.  But you do have to pay attention to YOU to see the variations and to correct the variations if need be.  

And please, I am not talking about what the younger generations especially do to increase their energy:  We are becoming a Red Bull society.  Energy can be changed through natural, normal ways.  That is what takes the strength to be disciplined enough to care enough about your Body Temple which, in turn, will create the energy you need and want in your life.  

And from that Energy, comes Balance, comes peace at a personal level.  Yes, energy is everything, but it takes everything you can do to make sure your energy is where you want it; and that, my friends, takes discipline.  And I admire your strength to become that disciplined!


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