Your Energy is All About Being in the Flow!

Great FLOW

It has been several days since I put down the word in my brain onto paper…I am a great one about being in the flow, and when I am out of my flow, it usually means I am also out of balance.  This past Wednesday evening, I launched the third location of my women’s regional networking groups in Northeast Ohio.  It is like giving birth…it is fun planning it out, and then the anxiety sets in as the time approaches.  It usually turns out just fine, and it did, but it sucks the energy out of you, and it sucked the energy out of me.  

But, being very focused on balance in my life, I had planned to have Thursday be the day of recuperation and getting back into my regular schedule and flow.  It worked for a while as I slept in, had a great breakfast, did some business phone calls, and set off in a really rainy day to stop at a local grocer, make a bank deposit, and pick up some office supplies.  All went okay until the City of Westlake where I reside and work rerouted all of my normal traffic routes as a huge propane explosion turned into a fireball in a major shopping area, Crocker Park, took over the City.  Okay, no one was seriously hurt, just traffic inconveniences, and I was back on track.

I thrive on my business Empower Excellence as it is my true joy and mission in my professional life.  So getting back to work was great.  Until, I received a phone call that my second grandson may have just decided to arrive three weeks early…an hour away under normal conditions.  So, I took the time to put order on my desk so I would know what I needed to work into my schedule no matter when baby arrived.  Took a shower, packed a bag and headed off to the hospital.  Baby changed their mind but I was already on another side of town, and there went Thursday.

Baby is a true emperor of balance at this time…whatever he decides will make my decisions for me.

So, yesterday had its own commitments, and then catching up on emails…and here we are at today…  I do have balance, and flow is extremely important to me.  Flow has been with us since the first days of creation.  And, just like water in a river or ocean flowing, the flow creates the energy.  Stay in the flow, energy stays good.  Disrupt the flow, and energy can be affected.  So, as I have found my energy in most parts of my life and at most times, I strive to help others find the flow of their energy.  My focus is on money energy, but that means my focus is on energy in all parts of my life and your life as those who follow me can be affected by energy from all sources; and that energy definitely affects money energy.  Conversely, money energy can affect all energy in all parts of your life.

Finding your flow, being aware of your energy flow at all times, and then finding ways to put you back into the flow–in any part of your life–will keep the energy in good shape in all parts of your life, and then the flow will be with you! 


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