How Do You Manage Your Energy?

Positive Energy 4 3

It is 5:30 AM, where is your energy?  When we speak of energy, it is in a very personal way.  It is a force within us that can be used up but then refilled.  Our energy can be used up or filled up in very different ways; energy is very personal.  Not only is it personal, but it is also divided up into three areas:  physical energy, emotional energy, and mental energy.  

You can be weak or strong in each area at different times and in different circumstances.  

Physical energy has to do with our biology and finding ways to keep our physical plant–our body–functioning to its optimal level at any given time.  Without the physical energy, our emotional and mental energy will probably not be optimal.  It is up to us to take care of our body so that energy can be positive in all areas of our lives.  

Emotional energy arises from our moods.  When we are happy, our emotional energy tends to be higher; when we are unhappy in any one of many different ways, our emotional energy sags.  I am learning that I may be an empath–someone who absorbs energy and feelings from others in a very sensitive manner–and it can be an emotional energy drain when those around me are in a low energy state.  I am learning how to work with that as it can be a blessing or a curse.  When you are emotionally drained, find a distraction–a book, a movie, something that will use your mental energy.   Resort to physical activity since improving your physical energy can also improve your emotional energy.

Mental energy is the use of your mind muscles–your intellect.  This is your problem-solving energy.  On most days, I am using a lot of mental energy as I plan and coach by myself or with others.  After a coaching session with a client, my mental energy, and many times my emotional energy, can be found at a low.  It is then that a brisk walk, yoga, or other physical activity can re-energize me on all levels–physical, emotional and mental.  

But there is one thing that can work on all levels, and that is finding ways to stay positive on all levels.  Positive energy can change your mood, can change your mental state, and can change your physical situation.  There are many ways to stay positive on all levels.  And some of them are very basic.

Eating in a positive way.  Sleeping rejuvenates all levels of energy.  Being grateful can impact all parts of your life.  Listening to music can invigorate you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Finding your energy drains is your first step.  Become aware of your feelings, of how your body is feeling, how your mood is, and what happens when you have depleted your mental energy in any given period.  Then find a way to stimulate that energy area.  

So what does this have to do with your money energy?  

Everything…and that is what “empowerexcellencewithjan” is all about…let’s talk some more…


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