All Transformations Begin With Energy


Butterfly Transformation 4 3


Whether you are transforming good or transforming bad, it is energy that is driving the process…good energy or bad energy.  Change the energy and change the outcome.  It is that simple to say, not that simple to do.  I know this to be true.  I also know that it is hard for someone to make the decision to do something about the energy.  It seems to be an elusive concept for many.  But as the opening illustration displays, there are steps:  shed the past whatever it is, welcome the new whatever it is.  It is hard to let go, and it  is hard to embrace the unknown.  We want to know, and we want to know now.  Let it go on both counts.

Take the following illustration, the logo of my company Empower Excellence.  Here again, there are steps:  part at the top and move clockwise:

  • Muster up as much or as little energy as you can to change only one thing in your life, one small thing, please.
  • Moving clockwise, do whatever amount of work you can with the energy you have to move toward the change you desire.
  • Moving clockwise again, become excellent at the work you have just begun.  Not perfect, just a certain level of personal excellence.
  • Moving clockwise again, feel the empowerment occurring as you have done some work and have become excellent at it.
  • The last circle, before arriving at your starting point, is increased energy –this is the secret–do it again with another small piece of work.
  • Excellent work will empower and energize you to create, in small steps, the transformation you desire in any part of your life, including money.

Oh yes, the butterfly?  The butterfly is a universal symbol of transformation.


ENERGY Begins the Process


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