Bravery is all about fear and risk!

Wanting %22it%22 more than fearing %22it%22

Lately, I have been urging you to be brave in all areas of your life, including everything to do with money.  It is so very natural to have fear about doing things differently, but it is a matter of risk versus reward.  What do you have to gain, what do you have to lose?

Many years ago, someone reminded me that “there is no free lunch.”  While that can have many applications, there is always a risk for a gift.  If you really want to follow a dream, achieve a purpose, etc., you have to give up something to get it.  The “something” is what is up to you and your unique situation.  Sometimes the simplest thing to give up is fear and to go with the love and gut feeling that created the dream in the first place…what is your dream, and do you want it more than you are afraid of it?

If so, go, go, go!                   


ENERGY Begins the Process



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