Magnifying Your Effect With Your Money & Your Life!

woman with mirror small

When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you choose the regular view or the magnifying view?  Interesting question, right, especially when you talk about money.  But it is also true when you are talking about life.

Usually, when you magnify anything, you are wanting to look closer at whatever it is you are looking at.  If you magnify your capabilities, you need to start with yourself.  You need to believe how much you are capable of doing or being.  And most times we do not give ourself the total credit of what we are capable of…so magnify it.  What you will find is that your life will be many, many more times better for doing it.  Give yourself the credit you deserve, and you can only do that by magnifying what you feel on the surface…going deep, magnifying, is a wonderful way to be brave and really begin to live life to your potential.

The same goes for your belief with money.  If you only look at the surface, you often times are misled; but, when you truly go deeper, magnify your relationship with money, it opens up a totally different perspective for you.  Really focus on how you feel about money.  It may show you a totally different path to create a really good money relationship.

And by the way, keep that mirror in front of you to do some mirror talking about life and money…you will be amazed how brave you become when dealing with the magnified version of you!                              


ENERGY Begins the Process


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