Keeping Your Joy Even After the Holidays!


Yes, yes, yes, the holidays are over, but Joy can last all year!  Right?  Too soon, too quickly we are ready to give up joy after the proclaimed holiday season.  And when it comes to being brave with money, there are some cautions.  Sometimes we are willing to give up everything, including joy, when we get an idea about ourselves and what we want to change, and that can include money!

For whatever reason, we think we have to suffer to begin the change process in any part of our life.  We are ready to give up joy to get what we are striving for.  We want to be as rich, as thin, as smart as we used to be.  But I want to share a warning to you when this feeling of change takes over in your life.  Don’t.  Do not give up the joy in your life until you know that the motivation to make the change is still true for you and your life.  

Another time when being brave is important even if it to let go of the image of you that you have in your brain.  Be Brave and find out who you truly are today!                                         


ENERGY Begins the Process


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