Financial Self Defense, Sexy Spending Plan, What Do You Want Me To Do?

brave lyric 3 jpg

Yes, I want to see you be brave, in the words of Sara Bareilles!  Practicing Financial Self Defense, Working in a Sexy Spending Plan, and more is what I am asking you to do.  This is some of what it takes to have a good relationship with money.  This is what it takes to Empower Excellence!    This is what I wish for you!


Cheryl Strayed’s book by the same title, BRAVE ENOUGH, shares many thoughts about being brave.  I will share some of the thoughts in the book in the coming days.  But let’s start with “Are you brave enough to break your own heart?”

Yes, I mean that exactly.  Anyone who has ever wanted something materialistically so bad that they would die if they could not have it understands this thought.  It could be a car, it could be a pair of fantastic shoes, or it could be a pair of Uggs.  Really it could be anything.  And what makes that object so desirable?

It is like sex, you fantasize about it for so long.  Then comes the day when the desire is materialized.  Maybe the joy lasts for a minute, a day, a week, or a month; but then it becomes part of our ho-hum world.  Boring!  And on to the next desired scenario!  Without going into the deep reasons why we create these fantasies, if we deny ourself what we truly believe we have to have to go on living, we truly can have a broken heart for a moment or two or a month or two…  Not going there.

To deny yourself so that you are brave in the area of money, you may be brave enough to break your own heart.  Maybe…                                                  


ENERGY Begins the Process


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