You Were Born to Inspire…


Yes, YOU were born to inspire.  And to inspire requires certain character strengths:





The Universe wants you to have a dream, and that takes courage.  The Universe urges you to visualize your dream, and that takes persistence.  You and The Universe can move you towards your dream, and that takes guts.  But it takes wisdom to let go of the “how”!  And every step of the way inspires all who see you take the steps.  

And taking the steps requires that you are in a good place in your money relationship.   If you are not in a good place, then the fear and the worries take over.  That is not inspiring! So, wherever you are with your money, it is time to get into your personal game of money.  The more aware you are, the less fear and worry can take over.  No one was ever inspired by fear and worry, were they?


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