What A Little Snow Can Do!

Faith Produces Patience

We have had a very mild Winter in Northeast Ohio for the first time in three years!  But still, there are surprises…

This morning snow was predicted, and wind, and maybe rain, and maybe ice.  You just never know in this northern tundra once Winter is announced.  Everything seemed to be ok when I woke up, and that is good because today is one of my monthly networking programs.  And then, in the midst of the peace and calm and new fallen snow, I received a text message from our host restaurant:

THE POWER IS OUT!  That was about 7:40 this morning.  Program to start at 11:30.  Oh the details if the power is not restored SOON!  Refunds?  Raincheck’s?  Special Speaker this Month?  OMG, but “Breathe” is what I told myself, and within an hour, everything was restored, and we were ready to go.  It was faith and prayers that all would work out as it should.  It is amazing that the biggest issue is the “money issue”.  Some would ant their money returned TODAY, some would not care if it was ever returned, and some would just credit it for the following month’s program.  Money is very personal!  But there was no issue because it all worked out as it was meant to work out.

And that reflects what my networking groups are to me:  they are for the members, and I work very hard to make each monthly program a great experience for all, and this month is a special quarterly workshop!  I know, the members know, and the Universe (God, winking) knows that this is a mission of mine to help women help their money relationships with their businesses!  It is that simple.  And the Universe was there to make a quick correction although giving me a moment or two of concern!

But the Universe gave me a good surprise.  Because I was up and calm, I threw in a load of laundry, and I always check the pockets.  But there when the laundry was completed in the pile of wet clothes were my car keys…I had to laugh and thank the Universe because when it was time to leave I would have been totally freaked out not being able to find my keys…it all balances out!  BREATHE!


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