Working the Flow!

Great FLOW

You will always find your place.  Rather your place will find you!  And when that happens, you are in the flow…you are working what is yours to work without expectations and with joy!  Thinking too much will knock you out of the flow.  And just when you are about to give up on your mission, something happens to make you realize that you are still in the flow; you just have to keep going.  And that is the hard part when you are discouraged.  But this is where faith comes in, and patience.  And it is hard.  But the more you practice this the more faith digs itself into our psyche, many times before we realize it.  And when faith has a stronghold, then patience is no longer that constant nagging voice in our heads.  It just disappears as you swim with the flow, you are where you are and that is where you are supposed to be.  


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