Just Quit!

Courage and Vision Boards

If things are not going your way, just quit!  Really!  It is natural to doubt yourself.  You are not always going to feel the high of the future that happens when you do vision boards–those wonderful activities where you cut and paste in real life creating what you think you want, at least at that moment.  I know folks who create a vision board every month–with some things staying the same and some things changing.  Why bother!  There is no focus once the board is done, and that is where it all falls apart.  You begin to doubt that those wishes and dreams can ever come true.  You keep doing the wishing and hoping and pasting, and nothing happens! So Quit!


Or not!


The doubts are natural, but if there is no action after the cutting and pasting, nothing will ever happen.  In the words of a favorite minister, “Put feet on your prayers!” or on your vision boards.  So, when you are doubting, hit “pause” and think this through.  Instead of quitting, what action can you take to start on the path to manifesting your hopes, your wishes, your dreams?  Try a little action and see what happens.  That one act of courage can make all the difference in the world but only if you then take the resulting energy and take another act of courage….


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