Are You Ready?

Life is Good Can You Feel It

Are you ready for your life?  

Are you ready for the life you chose before you were born to this life?

Are you ready for committing to the obligations you agreed to with your soul while still unborn?

This is a very hard discussion to have with yourself if you have not taken the time to know who you really are.  Many of us spend our whole life just “living”.  One day we begin to wonder if this “is this all there is?”  That is sometimes attributed to mid-life crisis.  But it truly should not be a crisis, this is what you are meant to do from the moment of your birth.  Unfortunately, life and all of the people, situations, etc. we encounter cover up our true mission in our life.  We spend years unwinding everything to get back to our “purpose in life”.  And then…we are searching, we are searching for our purpose.  It can be bliss, it can be hell.

But when you begin to find the answers, You are finding your power!   THE NEXT STEP IS TO FEELING YOUR POWER …and I do mean FEELING…active, conscious, and more.  Are you ready to feel that power?

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