Integrity for Your Journey!


Through all of my years of living, I have learned one thing about myself:  If you are dishonest with me, our relationship is over.  It really is that simple.  I do not know why but it is the highest value I hold dear.  For me, dishonesty reflects poor character of a person; and it may just be poor self esteem, but it does not matter.  If someone does not think enough of their integrity, of their good name and reputation, they will do anything to accomplish what they are seeking to accomplish.

Very recently, several people began my certification in Money Energy.  Two of them were progressing very well according to their own plan and timetable–I never try to rush money relationships.  They were communicating along the pathway; they were working to understand the concept and truly desired to become a part of Empower Excellence; this was a requirement to work in any way with Empower Excellence.  I do not consider 1099 contractors unless they are familiar with the concept of Money Energy.  It is necessary when working in any capacity with money relationships.

While confidentiality is totally another precious value, what I am about to share cannot be identified with anyone in the Money Energy program.  I have never introduced this person to anyone in the time I have been acquainted with her.  She started our money work as a client being coached through some very troubling situations involving her finances.  While she could not afford my services, her ultimate goal was to become involved in the financial services industry in a nontraditional way.  She came to  me as a referral; she needed guidance to navigate what was ahead for her.  She was willing to “work off” the fees.  It was always to be a decision that had to be agreed to by both of us.  Through my work with her, I learned she did not communicate regarding money.  I worked through it many times, hoping this was all a part of the learning process.  Hoping she would be listening to what I was asking for, what I was saying.  It did not work out, and, consequently, as initially agreed upon, she was now responsible for the coaching fees–this was accepted by her at the start of the coaching agreement in 2014.  With the termination of any potential work together, the amount was due and payable immediately.  To make this story very short:  she has been quite unprofessional and combative and ultimately began payments but lied about the amount and when it would be received.  Okay.  What is this all about?

I do not truly know.  I do know that I made the right decision to end our working relationship for the future.  I guess what is troubling to me is that when someone has everything to gain, they simply do not know how to be successful…they sabotage themselves by confrontation, lying, and manipulating the truth.  I also realize that when this behavior is demonstrated that it is a sign of poor self esteem; it is a mask that they hide behind until they can no longer hide.  I do now understand how the money relationship she presented to me when we first met is a direct result of her hiding, of her mask.  Pretend it does not exist and it may just go away.  And, if necessary, throw off the mask and show everyone how nasty you can be–you might just get what you want by throwing a tantrum?  Really?

Well, it is over, and yet it is not over.  It will be over when her fees are paid.  And for right now I am raising my voice against injustice, dishonesty, and lying.  I hope someone reads this and decides to do the right thing–if we all followed that simple thing, the total World would be a better and more peaceful place!

Janice Marie


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