Butterflies Know Transformation!




Butterflies have a wonderful story.  They begin as caterpillars, thinking (but we really do not know what they think, do we?) that they are destined to be furry creatures that capture the attention of both young and old.  What we do know about butterflies is that they do go through a transition more than once in their lifetimes.  

They transform from the caterpillar into a cocoon and a chrysalis, and then all of a sudden, they emerge as a butterfly!

Even then, they may all be different according to their species.  There are beautiful butterflies in all types of wing configuration and color.  It would be wonderful to know what the butterfly was thinking, to know if they know the important role they play in pollination and pure beauty.  They do not, as far as we know, have a mirror to look into and like or dislike what they see.  But I am sure they have their own story, which may be a good story or a bad story.

And yet, we look at them and only see the beauty…so what is their story.  Do they know that they are a universal symbol of transformation.  Just wondering what their story is…


Janice Marie sending you love!







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