Trusting This is the Time…


It is time for a bold, but simple, statement about what my company, EMPOWER Excellence is all about.  After three years of following my mission and passion, I have learned a great deal about “what” it is that I actually do.  There have been cute phrases, and lots of brainstorming trying to put a label on “what” it is that I do.  So, here goes, it is time to yell it to the world:  I LISTEN to your MONEY STORY and help YOU create a happy ending!”  No matter what your situation, money affects you and your life.  No matter what your situation, it is YOUR STORY, personal and unique.  No matter what the situation, if you are experiencing a transition–death of a loved one, divorce, marriage, loss of job, career change, children joining your family, children leaving the family home.  All of these transitions involve not only money but also emotions and many times a lack of direction of how to proceed financially.  God gave me the path to get here, and I am giving to every one I work with a path to reach their dreams and “their happy ending”.  The background supports what I do, it makes what I do very unique…I had to trust and yell this to the world this morning?  Thank you for listening!


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