Each day, each hour, each moment is a separate life!

Butterfly Each Day a Separate Life

You know, it is true that we must find a way to live in the moment every moment.  Sometimes, I really set out to create an opportunity for someone; and then it totally backfires!  Will I stop reaching out and creating opportunities?  I doubt it.  It is in my DNA; I am a giver.  That has helped so much in all of my networking activities.  It does come back to me, but I give because that is who I am.  But I must say that when I do create an opportunity, and I make sure that it is an appropriate opportunity, I try to keep my expectations realistic and share those expectations with the person who is doing the receiving.  And sometimes, they are just not adept at listening and receiving the gift.  And then the gift explodes emotionally for me, and it becomes clear that future gifts to that particular recipient probably will not happen again.  

I had put this one episode to rest yesterday, the day it happened.  I even shed the negative energy with a lavender/sea salt bubble bath.  I thought it was put to rest.  So I need to put it to rest all over again.

The recipient of the gift, without any communication from me since the event occurred, sent a social media message to me this morning apologizing that he/she had not read the email I had sent with the expectations for my meeting to which he/she was invited to simply meet my connection.  The meeting had a clear objective that was related to an organization I am involved with.  Consequently, the focus of the meeting became their personal objective.  Yes, I was gracious and let it run while trying to bring it back to the stated objective, which we did achieve.  

That being said, I was ok with how it all turned out, BUT… IT is a solid rule of networking to give before receiving and to express thanks when you do receive.  Not only was this a situation of total “taking” not even receiving, but there was never any indication of thanks.  Not even a “thanks”.  

Thank you for letting me vent this morning.  I hope to be able to return the favor to each and every one of my readers some day.  Everyone who has ever read my blogs know that gratitude is the foundation of life for when we give we receive and we must keep the circle revolving by being thankful for a gift or the ability to give a gift.  I am thankful for this experience, but I also learn quickly….this situation with this person will never happen again.  I will make sure of that, and I am thankful for this gift of inspiration.  Have a great weekend…


Gratitude...Yellow Flower


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