I Do Trust My Inner Wisdom, BUT…

Inner Wisdom

Sometimes, there is no other choice but to trust your inner wisdom.  That is today!

I am very dependent upon my MacBookPro.  It is a part of me just like my car.

So, when it does not work as expected, it gives me a  little mental shudder.  I am better than I used to be…I know the world is not coming to an end.  But it is close…

So, when I use conventional wisdom to overcome the hiccup the Mac is suffering, and it does not work,  then I ask others; and this morning that did not work.  So, I found the diagnostics test to do it myself.  It did not appear to be working the way the diagnostics said it should; now, do I panic?  No, I try the process again the way I started doing first thing this morning.  It worked.  Safari did not shut itself down.  Ok, what was the lesson I learned.

Technology is not a part of my lifelong learning.  I was born too early.  So I do panic.  But I have found that the Universe, even when it left me totally unscathed during Mercury Retrograde these past weeks, wants to see how far I will trust my inner wisdom.  That is what happened today :  I pushed myself further than ever before.  Yes, I did.  And I won!  Thank you to the Universe for the push–it just increases my confidence.



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