Communicating With Yourself…Excuse the Profanity!

Fuck I have Been Through A Lot of Shit

While trying desperately to refrain from any profanity, this is in regard to myself and how little I sometimes communicate to myself to recognize what I have been through.  No, I am not going to recap my life here.  It is enough to say in the words of my holistic doctor several years ago, “How long has this been going on?”  And my answer was “my whole life!”

We sometimes do not give ourselves enough credit to have survived what we have survived.  But it is the lesson that there comes a time when we need to just contemplate and communicate within ourselves that we really have gone through lot and we are strong.  We cannot move forward until we accept where we are today.

There is no reason to recap the past, I know now what I have gone through.  But I also know now that whether the topic is money or abandonment or not fitting in that I am so okay with myself today that the rest is irrelevant; only the present moment is important.  And from here, I will escape the profanity because the Universe is on my side.

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